Has it ever happened to you that you came to an art exhibition and all of the sudden found yourself in a magical world? That was exactly what we experienced attending an exhibition of the Australian artists Troy Little and Trevor Platt. It was a surprise, an amazement, a true delight. Please meet the authors!


Trevor Platt







· Recently, we had the great opportunity to see your works exhibited in Gelabert Studios Gallery in Manhattan. How did it start?

I was in the Australian Air Force and for the last two years of my service – I did 20 years as an aircraft mechanic – I was the air force artist.

 I have worked in all mediums , and started in watercolour, painting wildlife and portraits, then moving into acrylics and oils, painting seascapes and skies.

After leaving the Air Force I started painting full time.  I have worked in many areas of art and in the last three years started working in Resin still using my love for wildlife and marine life.

·  Some of your works really strike observers with such an unusual  luminescence. What kind of techniques did you apply, for instance, to Ocean Wilderness to make it glow in the dark?

For the technique of making my art glow I add a compound to the resin, plus I add dyes to the resin that bring the colours out. This technique that I started is the first of its kind in Australia.


· Did you take any particular art classes?   Do you hold any classes for your followers?

As for classes I teach two classes a week (not the resin Art) and have done this for ten years. I teach the same way that I was taught many years ago.


· What art and design fields are you interested in besides painting?

I also have a love for silver and if you check my web site then you will see my silver work.


· Where do you get inspiration for your creations? What helps you to transform the image that probably first appears in your mind into a completed work of art?

What gives me inspiration? I paint not for me, I paint for you; I want my art to make you happy.  For instance  I did a painting of a closed door and the lady, who bought it and took it home, came back to me in tears and said that the painting helped her get over the death of her husband.  The painting was called “Closed “and she knew that she must move on with her life.

That’s the art I like to do.


Troy Little


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