“Life as a Journey” Art Project

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We are glad to announce the launch of a new art project «Life as a Journey».

The plan is to organize and conduct a series of  international exhibitions and other art events.

The art project happenings will be held at various venues in the US, Russia, and other countries. A number of galleries and art centers will be collaborating with us, and we are pleased to say that highly recognized artists and international cultural organizations will be among our partners and participants.

The first international exhibition “Life as a Journey” was on view in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in November – December 2013. 45 participating photographers from 8 countries showcased their works. More than 140 photographs were presented.

The photo exhibit “Journey into the World of Love” became our next event. It was held in August – September 2014 at the same gallery. This time 85 photographers representing 9 countries participated in the art project.

The “Age of Beauty” festival is expected to be our next happening.