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PRESS RELEASE, 08.05.2014


“Life as a Journey”

Art Project


“Journey into the World of Love”

Photo Exhibition


August, 14 – September, 14, 2014, MMOMA

The international project of cultural and academic cooperation Professionals Liaison Project and  present the International photo exhibition  «Journey into the World of Love». The exhibition is the second event of the multistage art project «Life as a Journey», launched in November, 2013.

The exhibition features the works by professional and amateur photographers devoted to the boundless and multifaceted theme of love, which is understandable by people all over the world. More than 80 photographers and documentary filmmakers from Russia, USA, Armenia, Australia, Estonia, Israel, Moldova, Republic of Georgia, and Ukraine share their vision and feelings. Each of more than one hundred presented works carries goodness and light, love and hope.

The world is full of contrasting things. Good and evil, peace and war, joys and sorrows coexist in it. But both organizers and participants want the audience to see once again that love is one of the most powerful forces that unite people.

The leitmotif of all the Professional Liaison Project activities is creating bridges,  connecting people, professional communities, cultures. The exhibited works may be considered the symbols of people’s unity in the politics of love and humanity, loyalty and friendship. And the exhibition itself can fairly be categorized as the people’s diplomacy which is informal, but very effective one, particularly during the periods of difficult events and decisions.

«It’s always the right time for love …»


Address:  Moscow, 2nd Bryansky per., 2

Exhibit opening: August 14, 17.00 – 21.00
Free admission.

Curators: Elena Shtoyunda (Professionals Liaison Project), Viktor Danilov, Yuri Bratukhin (

PR and media: Anna Sokolova,

Coordinators: Elena Protcheva, Marina Burenkova, Naira Avison

Design: Naira Avison, Tatiana Shupikova