Professional opinions


Christine Lee, Expert of the United Nations Security Council


“… Through my experience in the area of international cooperation both as a civil servant in government and as a consultant with the UN, I have come to appreciate the usefulness of informal communication and sharing of cultural values amongst international professionals. It helps to reduce misperceptions and misunderstandings. More than that, such informal contacts allow us to see, hear, understand and think as others do. We are all enriched by the sharing of each others’ national, ethnical, and cultural experiences. It is a win/win for all who participate in such exchanges.

I myself feel so enriched by getting to know people of other races and national backgrounds not just as colleagues but as friends. The best way to start is to create opportunities for people who share similar professional, cultural and other personal interests. This is exactly what the Professionals Liaison Project has been set up to do. I have every confidence in the project founders that they will do a good job. They already have my vote for trying”.




Jonathan Gubin,  President of Capital InVentures, Inc.,

New York-based investment banking firm, USA


DSC04569“…The world has shrunk. Time and space essentially have become meaningless barriers in the realms of arts and letters, science and commerce. In my business, investment banking, capital formation is certainly a global process. Yet, ultimately the human equation is equally important as the financial one.

That’s why the Professionals Liaison Project provides a meaningful way for like-minded people to meet, exchange ideas and become part of the global economic engine”.


Vladimir Klimanov, Doctor of Science, Moscow, Russia;

Institute for Public Finance Reform, Director;

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Head of the Department

5_Klimanov“…At present, at the age of global economy and culture, mutually beneficial international contacts between experts in different fields are very useful for the creative development of all parties involved.

 Development of cooperation with foreign partners and colleagues is necessary. This is the factor of mutual enrichment and professional progress.”


Rodney Dow, President The Dow Corporation, USA


Rodney Dow“…As an executive in the field of energy trading I am completely aware of the value of international contacts.

The technology revolution has reduced communications to a blip.  We’ve been globalized and we must adapt to it.

This project provides a very useful bridge structure to help us embrace global realities.  I applaud it and will support the team in every way I can”.




Zoya Gutina, Beaded Jewelry Designer, Virginia, USA
Member of the Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association and Bead Society of Greater New York,  veteran exhibitor and winner of many International jewelry design exhibitions and contests


Zoya_Gutina“Art without borders”  – this statement I’ve heard many times. As a wearable art and beaded jewelry designer I can tell you that is the whole truth. At the art and jewelry shows, festivals and exhibitions I meet artists from all over the world. We speak different languages, we are of different ages and of different social status, but we’ve got a lot in common – first of all we share love and passion to art.

All the barriers get destroyed when it comes to our mutual and sincere interest in making art. Our hobby and even job for many of us really unites us, and our friendship with counterparts from different countries inspires us, enriches our creativity and gives a very clear understanding how similar people on the globe are in what they like, value and respect.




Sergey Torozyan, Private Banking sector, Moscow, Russia


NS17sent-1070“…As the financial markets in Russia have become an integral part of the international financial system the methods and approaches used by those financial institutions that have been in existence in  foreign countries for a much more longer time are becoming more and more the common  practice of Russian banks, investment companies and brokerage firms.

My colleagues and I are always very glad to have an opportunity to get new knowledge on professional issues, participate in workshops and training sessions to assure that our professionalism meets modern demands.

Our customer base is getting more and more diverse as well as the range of services they would like to get from banks and other financial institutions.  We have to be prepared to suggest them the best bank products that meet their requirements, and communication with colleagues from abroad will definitely be very beneficial both for us and for them.”