Cultural Coordinators

Anna Sokolova

a coordinator of our cultural programs, Moscow


“About profession: I got a higher education both in Art and Economics. Since that time I am balancing between these directions. Restorer specialization flowed smoothly into the expertise of Antiques and work in one of Moscow’s museums, bank staff experience in PR and media-analytics.

About creativity: My interests have always been in the area of contemporary music. I write songs. I’m learning to perform my art. I get inspiration from fortunes, failures and traveling!”


 Anna Sokolova

Yuriy Super –

a coordinator of our cultural programs, New York

“From my long experience in scientific, engineering and innovation activities with participation in conferences and scientific discussions, I have seen how often new ideas and technical solutions emerged from the experts in the U.S. and Russia almost simultaneously.

I think that a closer cooperation of experts in different fields – whether in the form of seminars, study tours, meetings and discussions, joint cultural events – will help improve relations and speed up technological and cultural progress for the benefit of both countries.

In recent years I have been doing a lot of volunteering activities such as editing the Russian-American magazine “Sobesednik ‘” and helping foreign students to learn computer skills. I’m fond of travel, swimming, photography, and I love ballet and opera.”


Yuriy Super