Project Areas of Interest



The Project team focuses its effort on promotion and development in the areas which are interesting for people all over the world and important for social well-being in every country. The Project activity is intended to be organized around the following fields:

– the Arts and Contemporary Design

– Volunteering and Charity Work

– Science and Education.

We help artists and designers seeking an opportunity to hold some cultural event or have their works on view in different countries. To accomplish this we keep expanding our list of galleries, art centers and other facilities that can accommodate various exhibitions, shows and art events. We also promote the events through mass-media and social networks.

If you need to start a dialog with professionals from abroad on a specific occupational issue, we may help you to find a counterpart specializing in the area of your professional interest.

The cooperation between professionals can take various forms and the structure of the arrangements will depend on your particular needs.

While the Project is intended to cover a wide variety of topics for discussion, a set of professional societies is suggested to be formed for addressing particular issues of science, business and the arts. We hope that the active participation of such a professional audience will help to find the decisions to someone’s occupational needs and promote modern approaches to problem solving.